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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Shots" with Lauren and David

GAMES, GAMES and more GAMES! Where you ask?  Well the arcade in Newport silly!  I met up with Lauren and David in Newport, Rhode Island, which is where they are having their wedding on Janurary 15, 2011 at Oceancliff, for their engagements photos. I knew when they decided to have their pictures taken at the arcade that these two were right up my alley.  Lauren and David of course proved my theory right, and they had me laughing from start to end. After we finished at the arcade, we went to the bar next door and did some shots...  no pun intended :)  Lauren told me that at home, David is her own personal bartender. How convenient is that?

So over a few (I said few) drinks I learned that Lauren and David met at work, both being accountants. I loved the laughs we shared and can not wait till the big Day this upcoming January when they both say "I Do". See you guys then! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jennifer and Justin Crowne Plaza-Warwick, RI

Fall in Love with "The J's"
J for Jennifer
J for Justin
J for Justin Jr.

On September 4, 2010 I had the honor of capturing a day filled with love, laughs and more laughs.  Jennifer and Justin said "I do" while their little guy Justin Jr. watched mommy and daddy exchange word of promise for a lifetime.  What wonderful parents these two are.  With no doubt they have found each others soul mate.  

Last summer both myself, Jennifer and Justin got snapping with their engagements photo (sneak peak), after our session, I could not wait for the big day that would be celebrated at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick!  I felt an instant click with Jennifer and after seeing both her and Justin cut loose on their big day I know why.  

Jennifer started her big day at her and Justin's home with her brides maids.  Jennifer decided to go "classic"  with the bridesmaids wearing beautiful classic dresses and flowers by Golden Gate Studios.  Off she went to meet her handsome soon to be hubby.  I met up with Justin and his brother before the ceremony, snapped away!  Did I mention that Justin is at least 6 feet and Jennifer is just as short as I am?  So needless to say I needed my trusty step stool for this shoot.

After they both said "I Do" Off we went to Roger Williams park for some fun shots and then to the Plaza for a night filled with laughs and great speeches...See for yourself!  Mommy and Daddy even got share a dance with Justin Jr.

Jennifer got the "Sas" going on!

There was all laughs...What are bridesmaids for?  Helping the bride get some ventilation under that dress "Ventilation I say ventilation...."

I wish you both a life filled with Joy!
Thank you for letting me be a part of your day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strike a Pose-Vogue!

Kim called me up a few weeks ago and told me that she needed to update her model portfolio, and she wanted me to shoot it for her. Of course, I agreed and we set out last week to capture some fabulous shots!

If anyone knows about fabulous, its my good friend Sara Faella, so I had Sara do Kims hair and makeup! Us three gals, a glass of wine and some style... all the ingredients to a wonderful shoot.  We shot in John F Kennedy's old home in Newport Rhode Island where he also got married to Jacki on the lawn!  Kim had an "in" for the mansion, so we stepped inside and almost began shooting instantly! We shot on JFK's desk, his chairs, his tables and his couches!  I must say we rocked his old house.

It was an absolute pleasure to photograph Kim! She's gorgeous, spunky and of course she will kick butt with her awesome updated portfolio.

Here is Kim and Sara running for shelter after we encountered a sudden downpour! 
My gear in their hands.  I just could not resist snapping this photo.

If they had a marathon for women running in heels while carrying photo equipment, I'm pretty sure Sara Faella and Kim would would have it in the bag!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Noelia and Andrew Aldrich Mansion-Warwick RI

When I shot Noelia and Andrews engagement shoot last October in Boston, we were chatting, and I asked them how they met. was the culprit, and they had met because Noelia had posted her favorite quote which is from the movie "Meet Joe Black" on her profile. When Noelia and Andrew went on their first date, Andrew had instantly known where the quote was from. From then on, their relationship bloomed and brought them to their wedding day, August 28, 2010 at The Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, RI. 

Sooner than expected, August 28th approached and the day started with a bang. At the end of the ceremony, doves were released into the sky, something I have never seen at a wedding before. Not only were doves released, but they also decorated the top of Noelia and Andrews cake. But doves were not the only theme, at each table, there was a different movie that Noelia and Andrew both loved. I thought it was very fitting seeing as they were brought together over a movie quote, and one of the tables was even "Meet Joe Black", which was partly filmed at the Aldrich Mansion!

As the night progressed, I was surprised more and more with all the different aspects they were incorporating into the wedding. One that I really loved was the fact that they had cultural dancers. The dancers did a few dances and each time they owned it! Anthony Crocenzi pumped up the jam and everyone danced until they couldn't any more! I had such a wonderful night at Noelia and Andrews wedding and I'm glad I had the opportunity to photography both their engagement session, and their wedding, also while shooting next to my good friend Mike Picard

These gorgeous florals were designed by Golden Gates Studio!

Here is Mike pretending to be a DJ!
Mike, stick to videography!

I guess Anthony liked it!