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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Engagements DJ

Sophistication. Passion. Experience. Integrity. Preparation.

Engagements DJ Entertainment
Larry Tocci

"Because we are exclusive to wedding entertainment, my work is an extension of me. My email address is not just what I do - I believe in what it says. It exemplifies what your DJ has to be on your wedding day. Brides describe us as sophisticated, very prepared and detailed. We are passionate about our livilihood. We have the experience and integrity brides want in a DJ."

-Larry Tocci, Owner - DJ Engagements Entertainment

Larry is one of THE most experienced and respected wedding DJ's in Rhode Island. Larry is also one of the nicest guys I know. When my brides ask me to suggest a DJ, Larry's one of my very first suggestions. I feel at ease knowing Larry's running the dance floor - he simply just knows what he's doing ... and he does it well!

Larry has a remarkable home-office space! It feels like being surrounded by nature and the nature that's outside seems to spill right into the room! His environment mirrors his personality too .... very down to earth, natural and uplifting.

Just one of the many volumes of thank you cards.Engagement's recognition for a couple of year's worth of "work well done"!
Larry showing off his gear!
Yeah, Larry can be quite sentimental!
There's Larry doing what he does best ... keeping the crowd going on the dance floor!
(Yup, that's him ... on the right ... beneath the arrow!)

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