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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Keri and Michele

Just this past weekend, I headed out to to the beach at Narragansett with Keri and Michele for a Partner Shots Session.  We weren't alone ... their little Bostons joined us for the festivities.  Actually, the doggies were originally Michele's ... but now both have joint custody.  haha

There is really no other way to describe Keri and Michele but to simply say that they completely enjoy one another.  What an amazing couple to be around and we had such a terrific time!  We spent our time together laughing and enjoying some bubbly while the dogs ran around.  This was one of those sessions that was effortless - it just happened.  They were just being their awesome selves and all I had to do was capture it!

Keri is a big-time Bo' Red Sox fan and takes pride in her collection of her prized fan attire while Michele was showing off her new tattoo sleeve.  These two people are so genuine and real - I am VERY much looking forward to photographing their wedding tale ...

Update: Keri and Michele are officially wed!


  1. **You Rock**
    Sara, we are so excited to have you photo-document our celebration...(make sure you bring your own BIG GULP) !
    Gigantic Thanks!!
    -Keri & Michele

  2. Why do I have to bring my BIG GULP if I'm supplied?