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Thursday, June 4, 2009

La Bella Bride

La Bella Bride
1006 Reservoir Ave.
Cranston, RI 02910

"La Bella Bride Magazine is a trendsetting wedding publication offering a unique perspective for today’s “thinking woman”."

Katina LaFazia is the publisher of LaBella Bride Magazine. When we asked Katina about the evolution of her marvelous magazine, this is what she had to say: "I have been in advertising and marketing for 25 years and in 2005 wanted to make a change and run my own business with the help of my husband. So I put some ideas on paper and the rest is history! We wanted a magazine for brides that would make all brides and couples feel successful in the planning process."

The magazine started only three years ago and now it's one of the top bridal magazines on the shelves today!

I always tell Katina she has "Greek-Flair" which, for me, means that she has an amazing zest for life and sees the world through, for lack of a better term, a Mediterranean set of eyes. It's an incredibly unique outlook and it only proves to be a beneficial asset to the magazine. On a side note, her 'day-job' may be running LaBella Bride Magazine but if you really want to see where her talent lies - you ought to see her in action when she's weight boarding! Yet another perfect example of how she eats life up as if it were cake ... chocolate cake at that! Mmmmmmm ... creamy chocolate cake ... make that a double ... hmmm - where was I? Oh yeah!

LaBella Bride Magazine: 2009 Issue will be including a feature story on The Pitcher Inn in Vermont and we were there to photograph the detail shots. It's always an absolute pleasure to work with the staff of LaBella Bride!

Here's Katina peeking out from beneath the scores of information that must go into the production of the LaBella Bride Magazine. Note the cork board on the left that has images dangling from push-pins. These are all cover images up for consideration ... it doesn't much take time for her to run out of room for push-pins! haha
Here's Katina along with Karen and Ann; the team at LaBella Bride. These ladies are always pouring their hearts into making the treasured bridal magazine the priceless resource it is for today's brides.
This is the mock-up cover for the very first issue of LaBella Bride":
This is the cover of the premiere issue of LaBella Bride":
This is the cover of the second issue of LaBella Bride":

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