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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Artistic Wedding Video Group

Artistic Wedding Video Group
89 N. Water Street
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 863-2541
(401) 369-8438

Meet Mike Henriques, president of Artistic Wedding Video Group. His work is a reflection of his personality and dedication --- it is creative and fun and always professional. It's hard to not to respond to his energetic personality! Personally, I like to call him the “Super Personality” because he is always upbeat.

Mike takes pride in hearing from brides and other wedding professionals alike, "You're great to work with!" It's true too!!! Every one of my brides who hire Artistic Wedding Video Group always remark on how Mike is, "so friendly" and "easy to work with" and I absolutely love it when we get to work together. When Mike is on the job, I know my brides will not only get a quality, Artistic Video (hence the name) but everyone involved will be having a good time!

Artistic Wedding Video Group has a full crew:

Myles Lowery - (who has been with Mike for the past 3 years) is the full time Editor and Videographer

George Pita - Editor and Videographer

Jim Smith - Videographer

We recently had the pleasure of working with Mike during "The Wave" - which is one of our "Trash The Dress" Sessions. It was a crazy, fun day in Providence ... the trolley driver is still talking about "Mike The Bride"!!! There are always laughs when Mike is around.

The rightful owner of the veil...

AWVG strives to remain unobtrusive while shooting your wedding video. When they are on the scene shooting they do not turn the location into a movie set. They only use existing light and the lights that are mounted directly on the video camera.

See Mike Run!!! It requires athletic ability to continue to stay ahead of the bride and consistently get the best shots.

"I have calibrated my cameras to give me a "film" look and I use other support equipment to give me creative and cinematic shots. The use of a Steadicam and monopods to capture high angle shots is something that I do on a regular basis."

Here's the final result! Check out the AMAZING video Mike made for our "The Dress" promo!

So when I asked Mike how long he has been in the business, his reply was, "For over 17 years."

It is not hard to see how much he loves his job. Mike says, "I get to spend the day with happy people at beautiful locations!"

AWVG uses state-of-the-art equipment for all of their projects and went HD last May. AWVG now is one of the few videographers in the area that produces Blue Ray DVD’s which is why he has 9TB of storage! For those who are not techi’s ... that is a LOT of storage! The way his Steadi-Cam is geared onto him, you will never get camera-shake in your video!!!

Expert composition is a requirement for every frame Mike's produces. Each frame must be able to stand alone as a still image. I do have respect for that!!! If you were to look at each frame as a “snapshot” it should be able to frame them and put on your wall ... and Mike always delivers that brand of star-quality!

Here is a sample of what I mean. Mike gave us a single freeze-frame from one of his videos. This is a perfect example of how a slice of his work could easily be framed and put up on a wall ... now that's beyond awesome!!!

I had the pleasure to be invited to Mike’s editing studio at AWVG and he and I sat down for a little chat. I left his studio with a newfound respect for what videographers do. Being a photographer I can understand a bit of the video side, as we deal with artistic imagery, but with my business sound is not an factor. Photographs stand alone however, if the videographer does not have a good handle on the sound production, your video simply will not be the epitome of perfection.

"Command Central" -- this is the hub of video editing.

Mike was once in a band previous to creating AWVG and therefore has a terrific understanding of the importance of having a soundtrack that works with the movie of your moments. The difference between a good video and great video is proper sound. With sound bite microphones you can clearly here the bride and groom making their vows and the readers giving their toasts/speeches without any ambient noise. AWVG will get a direct, crystal clear sound feed from the entertainment/DJ/sound system.

"My videos stand out from my competitors due to the quality and style that I shoot and edit in. I put much importance on audio, what's a movie or wedding film without excellent audio?"

"Mike has Mics"

Mike talked to me a bit about “letting tape roll” or “filling tape”. Instead of just letting the tape roll (which you'd know if you ever saw it because it would be boring), AWVG edits your video to focus on the details of all the bride did to make her wedding unique. He'll set the scene and, by using each frame of video, he will convey your story.

“Every bride wants her wedding to be unique, we are there to capture it instead of filling tape. We are composing the details to create a montage of series of images to tell a story.”

All levels of editing effects are at his fingertips and available to you based upon the package you seek to suit your needs.

Each video is artistically edited.

Mike is feeling lucky today! He said that if he wins Powerball, "... all wedding video's are on the house!!!" (We are holding him to it!)

AWVG's beautiful advertisement in the 2009 Southern New England Wedding Magazine.

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