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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Working the Auclair Wedding!

I recently photographed a wedding and had the opportunity to work with Mike Henriques of Artistic Wedding Video Group and my faithful, talented assistant, Maria - who's been by my side for seven terrific years!

As always, when we're able to work together, it's an enjoyable time for all.

Here's Maria posing for a test shot for me.
Gorgeous, isn't she?

Here we go! Mike enjoying his job too much again! haha

Mike H. from AWVG, Carlos from OceanCliff,
the newlyweds, Melissa and Erik, and moi!

Meet Melissa and Erik ... the Newlyweds!

Melissa and Erik are romantic and "crazy-fun"! hahaha Being around them is a guarantee of a good time! The first thing that stood out to me about them when we met was their engaging sense of humor. They are both the type of people to never let life's seriousness intrude upon their happiness and fun.

For Melissa and Erik's engagement session, we went to a local beach and worked our way to a nearby park. We caught a lovely day and the smiles never ended.

It was amazing how quickly the wedding day arrived! The day began at Melissa's grandmother's house for some "getting ready" shots. A package arrived for the bride ... it was a lavish bunch of roses with delicious candies and breathtaking jewels sprinkled in. Turns out, Erik's a romantic ... BIG TIME!

They both wrote their vows for one another and exchanged them at Our Lady of Mercy followed by their reception at OceanCliff on September 9, 2009. The architecture at OceanCliff is simply classic - it always makes for the perfect portrait anywhere on the grounds. We took a little excursion down to Ocean Drive for some additional photo opportunities and, well wait to you see the photos! hahaha

Ahhhhhhh ... the Wedding Day!

The lovely gift Erik sent to Melissa on the big day ...
Exhanging the vows they wrote for each other.
I really loved this - it was incredibly touching.

Here, you can actually see the humor ... check out the shoes!
Isn't OceanCliff gorgeous?
(Particularly dreamy for a wedding photographer.)
Toni Chandler provided the stunning florals.

We saw a boy and his father taking their scooters out for a ride.
No joke ... Melissa and Erik hijacked the scooters! I told you ... crazy!
(Oh, who am I kidding - I was having a blast too!
Apparently, so were dad and son! heehee)

Just taking a moment to hang around.

Sneaking a moment ... but I caught it.

Here's Mike H. from AWVG, Carlos from OceanCliff,
the newlyweds and moi!

The laughter continued throughout the entire day with one exception
... when Erik serenaded Melissa with song he wrote.
(There wasn't a dry eye in the house.)

I told you he was an incredible romantic.

Best wishes, you two!

Marissa and Wes got hitched!

Back in 2005, in Fort Myers, Florida, Marissa was visiting with her mom. In the midst of "My-Spacing", she couldn't help but notice the face of a very handsome local man.

The dialogue began ... they agreed to meet.

Upon taking her first steps into Stoney's Pub, her eyes locked on to the sight of Wes and se thought to herself, "Oh my God! He's a HUNK!"

They talked 'til the place closed its doors and then continued their conversation during a stroll on the waterfront along Parrot Key. Their verbal dance was so engrossing that Marissa didn't notice the parking lot block and tripped - exclaiming on the way down, "I'm so mortified!"

To this day, she tells everyone, "I completely fell for him" and he follows it up with, "She fell hard!". haha

The next day was filled with synchronicity. The two found themselves on separate busses heading to the Miami/Pats game. Marissa happened to look up from her seat into the nearby bus and there was Wes, looking right back at her! How serendipitous is that?

The next evening, the two met at 'The Loggerhead'. "He opened the door for me and kissed me and I thought, 'Oh my God - I'm in trouble ... he can really kiss!'" She knew by the end of the evening that Wes was the man she was going to marry.

This couple truly understands the principle of the three "L's" - Laughter, listening and loving. Marissa and Wes are always smiling and enjoying their lives together. They're truly an inspiration!

Their wedding took place on the deck of Amalfi's in Narragansett, Rhode Island on the beautiful sunny day of September 6, 2009. The reception moved to the indoors of the Village Inn where a fun time was had by all! This particular wedding is special for me, as Marissa and I are also good friends.

Here they go again ... laughing even during their ceremony! Isn't it wonderful?
Their humor is contagious!

Keep listenin', laughin' -n- lovin', you two!

Check out Marissa and Wes' slideshow:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dee and Sebouh at Alpine Country Club

Dee and Sebouh's relationship is enriched with a zest for life and love. Their engagement session took place at Roger WIlliams Park Zoo and their daughter, Bella, (aka; their loving canine companion) was on hand to oversee all the details. hehe

Their wedding took place on July 26, 2009 at the Alpine Country Club.

The day was flavored with tradition and passion - a celebration blessed with the love of family, friends and culures. The merging of roots and heritage in this union of two beautiful souls was an awesome thing to witness. It moved me and made my heart swell with joy.

Dee and Sebouh hold a deep regard for remembering their ancestry and for those who came before. Both Dee and Sebouh are deeply respectful and are filled with reverence for their families and backgrounds and did a wonderful job including all of it in their wedding day.

A cute side note: When Dee was getting ready, she donned a terry cloth robe that said,"Dee and Sebouh 7-26-09". It was all these little touches that were so special about them and their day. Both of them are extremely thoughtful and expressive in a genuine and heartfelt way.

The BIG day at the beautiful Alpine Country Club!
Enjoy your journey, Dee and Sebouh!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Red Boot Boudoir Photography

What's your sexy?

Our Red Boot Session Events occur quarterly and are either done on location or in the privacy of the hostess' home.

Events are more like Red Boot cocktail parties! Wine, h'ordouvres and music are always plentiful. Your Red Boot Session is always photographed in a safe and secure environment so you can be as creative and sexy as you desire and have your chance to look like a model on a Maxim magazine cover!

We will also have a fabulous hair and makeup artist who will be available to you if you are interested in getting the full treatment! Each woman gets catered to and gets to feel like a sexy princess for a day! The best part is you'll get to remember your day of pure pampering vividly when you get your
Secret Red Boot Book! You'll then have a stylish and unexpected gift for your significant other.

So come and join us for a fun, relaxing shoot in a comfortable atmosphere and be made to feel like a movie star. Your images will say a thousand words!!! Do it for your mate and, more importantly, do it for
yourself - you deserve it!

Sessions can also be scheduled at our studio. Hosting your own party is also an option. There are benefits to hosting your own private party! Call the studio to schedule one of the few remaining openings for this event or to inquire about setting up your own private Red Boot Event or Red Boot Session!

In-Studio: Heather's Session
Hotel Dolce: Casey's Session
Biltmore: Session Samples


Red Boot Sessions are tastefully conducted in privacy with only female photographers present.

This is what one of our clients had to say about her recent Red Boot Session:

"It is amazing what this experience did for me as a woman and for us as a couple. One Friday night I sat down with my husband and 2 glasses of wine and we went through the images. It was one of the best date nights ever!" - Anonymous wife of 20 years with 4 kids

A big THANK YOU to all of the lovely ladies who allowed us to post their images on our blog!

Take a peak at some real red boot sessions by Sara Zarrella!
Keri's Red Boot Session
Heather's Red Boot Session