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Monday, November 16, 2009

What to Wear at Your Session

A safe route would be to wear similar style shirts and the same colors and tones as one another. Jeans, khaki pants and black or white shirts are always the classics. However, sundresses/cocktail dresses and fun colors are always a great choice and very much encouraged!  Your session should be playful!  Do, be conscious of your shoes though; they will be in the photographs. Flip flops work best for summer beach sessions but don’t be afraid to wear your fun pumps too!   Color, color, color! We love color and feel it spices up your photograph so be fashionable and think outside the box.  Show off your creative side and have a blast!  
Bring along a black or white tube top and yoga pants.  Some other clothing to consider props such as a shawl, jean jacket or vest.  Clothing for maternity sessions are minimum as your belly is the focus.  

Men wear your jeans and take along a black or white undershirt/tank too.

If you have a sonogram printout or baby shoes, bring it along and we'll incorporate it into your session! 

Studio/Location Sessions ~ Family/Beach/Welcome to the World
Adults and families should wear similar style shirts and the same color tone. Jeans, khaki pants and black or white shirts are always a favorite. Shirts with sleeves and a collar or a few buttons are the most flattering. Golf shirts for men and v-necks with a few buttons for women.  Remember to be conscious of your shoes; they will be in your photographs.  Pick clothing that makes you feel great.

Things to Avoid
• Stripes, patterns, plaids and logos are distracting.
• Turtlenecks
• Sleeveless shirts should be avoided. As your eye will always focus on skin tones and we want your face to be the center of attention not your sleeves.
• Avoid flashy jewelry that will take the focus away from your face.

Bring out the fun side of your children. Sunglasses, hats and other little extras are always fun. Bright colors and fun textures are great for children but no overbearing patterns or logos. A favorite blanket, scarf or toy are appropriate depending on the age of the child.

We suggest you go online to one of our favorite companies and order some props to acessorize your child.  


Props for your child/children
Using your own props personalizes the portrait. Think about bassinets, baskets, big flowerpots, big cooking pots and bird baths - anything in which your baby can sit upright. We can always add personal items from your home, a big teddy bear or a little red wagon. Kids love dress up...Bring in part of your uniform or work gear. A fireman’s jacket, police hat, Dad’s tools, Dad’s tie, Mom’s and Dad’s apron - and let the kids playcelebrating! Children love sweats, one of our favorites is a large colorful lollypop or a cupcake if we are celebrating a birthday.   Why not let them get a little messy?   Sometimes the best props are Mom and Dad! 

• Bring your lingerie and garters.
• Also include some personal touch items such as men’s ties, and/or your sweetheart's favorite sport jersey or team hat. Bring along a few items that reference their profession, such as a jacket, hat or tool used on the job.
• Colors that are closer to your skin tone will help accentuate your natural features, white and black lingerie is a classic but color in your lingerie can be fun and add some spice. Be playful!
• Don’t forget the shoes! Bring a few options - boots and your pumps. 
• Other fun accessories are hats, sunglasses, boas and bags. Use your imagination.
• Jewelry is great to have as well, such as large costume jewelry and pearls. Earrings, necklaces, bracelet, fun hair pins, and feathers are just a few options.
• Be conscious of any body piercing - if you have a large piercing, you may want to consider removing it for the portrait, as it can be distracting to the eye.

Hair & Make-up
Consider having your hair and make-up done professionally for your session. It will be well worth the effort and expense to enhance the portraits. Don’t forget your nails as well, your hands and feet, could be part of the images. We can arrange for a hair and makeup artist to be on site per your request and we would love to suggest one to you.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
Life is full of little imperfections. Do not worry about skin imperfections or circles under your eye. You will be amazed at what our retouching can do to enhance your photographs!

This is just a general guide, we will be happy to work with you personally to create the perfect portrait when you book your appointment.

The biggest compliment that our clients can give us is to refer their loved ones to us. If you
do recommend us to someone, please be sure to have them mention your name so that you will be awarded a “thank you” gift for your much appreciated referral.

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