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Monday, April 6, 2009

Alanna and Jay

Alanna and Jay's history spans over many years of getting to know one another and falling in love more and more each day. It was time to make it official so the wedding date was chosen ... 28th of June, 2009 and it would take place at OceanCliff.

They decided that they wanted to take some photographs before exchanging vows and I caught the moment they saw one another. You can truly see the excitement and love on their faces and in their eyes - what a moment that was! To me, it's slices of time such as those that make me love my work so much!

We stole away and found an intimate setting off-site on Ocean Drive, where I was able to capture the true essence of their relationship. We made our way back and I photographed the entire way. The walk we took made for some extraordinarily romantic images.

The three of us had plenty to chat about throughout the day, as I used to live in New York and they're located not far across the river in New Jersey. There seems to be an affinity that happens between folks that have that in common. So, this was a Destination Wedding for them! They just really LOVE Newport - who doesn't?

These two are incredibly fun-loving and upbeat, as are their newly joined family and friends. The day was chock-full of merriment and playfulness. The love Alanna and Jay share continues to blossom and grow!!!

Mike Picard was their videographer that day ... which always adds to the entertainment! ;-)

Here are some selections off their latest album,
"The Best of Alanna and Jay ~ On our Wedding Day":
(Hmmmm - I'm a poet and I don't know it!)
Karen Gomes of Laura Mercier - Nordstrom's provided makeup.
With Alanna ... it's about the details, details, details! ;-)
Jay makes his entrance ...
... as mom and the maid of honor watch ...
... to see Alanna and Jay's first encounter!

Bridal gown: Madeleine's Daughter, Portsmouth, NH
Frank Camera officiated.
The beautiful view, as boats sailed by.
The kiss!

Cake created by Scrumptions, East Greenwich, RI
Florist: Jay Lane of Golden Gate Studios, Cranston, RI
They kids even had their own bouquets ... details!

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