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Monday, June 8, 2009

Frank Camera, J.P.

Honorary Frank R. Camera
Justice of the Peace
1271 Hope St.
Bristol, RI 02809

"I will work with you on planning and designing your ceremony in a way that your love and devotion for each other will be reflected in your words of promise."
-Frank Camera

It's always a joy to be at a wedding that Frank officiates. I love to listen to him speak! He's always so articulate when he delivers the ceremony. There's nothing worse than being at a wedding and not being able to hear what is being said - that simply should not happen. It's an all too important detail that gets taken for granted and often overlooked when seeking the right person to formally unite you with your chosen life-mate. When a couple asks me to suggest a great JP, Frank is one of the first names comes past my lips every time because he's on the very of my "Faves List"!

Frank performs many of the nuptials that I photograph and, over the years, we have developed a wonderful working relationship.

Frank in "Deep Thought"

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