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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wilks Event Planning

Wilks Event Planning - Colleen Wilks
2 Pier Market Place
Narragansett, RI

"Close interactions are encouraged to help the bride and groom reach their vision of their wedding day. Our close attention to detail promotes an organized event, which allows the bride and groom, along with guests, to relax and enjoy the day."

Colleen Wilks is the finely tuned, full-throttle motor engine that runs Wilks Event Planning. Wilks Event Planning continues to exceed guest expectation by consistently delivering unparalleled events that impress all who attend. The events Colleen prepares are such fantastic hits because she fully understands that each gathering is a unique affair that requires individual attention. Frankly, I feel very much at ease when I know that one of my brides has Colleen working behind the scenes.

Colleen and I met at a coffee house for ... coffee and the story that ensued was rather comical. As soon as I pulled up, I immediately knew that I needed to document our rendezvous! haha
When I arrived, Colleen got a head start and was already working on a coffee and busy, busy, busy on the phone. See what I mean by "engine" and "full throttle"?
Here's coffee #2! She should just get an IV-drip!
Colleen's necessities:
(The above pictured phone NEVER stopped ringing. Colleen's business is highly in-demand and to call her a multi-tasker would be the extreme understatement of any year!)

Working ... planning ... designing ... creating ...
During our brunch, we were chatting about a wedding we did together. As always, the detailing of the wedding was A+ due to the attention Colleen gives to every component. The photographs ultimately come out fantastic if you have quality blueprints.
Colleen is a busy little bee and barely ever gets a moment to breathe during her work days but I managed to get her to a crack that smile several times that day!
Even as we were about to leave ... I don't even have to say it!
I stand by my motto: "Every picture tells a story!!!"

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